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Finding the perfect wedding dress for your unique shape and style

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

👰💍 Finding the perfect wedding dress is a journey as unique as your future love story!

Here are some tips from us at CG Boutique, Amesbury to help you choose the right style for your body type:

1 - Know Your Body Shape: Determine if you're an hourglass, pear, apple, or rectangle shape. This will be your starting point. If you aren’t too sure, do not fear! Our high experienced team will help you throughout the journey with us to guide you towards styles and fabrics that work best for your gorgeous individuality!

2 - Highlight Your Assets: Embrace what you love about your body! If you have a small waist, consider an A-line or mermaid silhouette to accentuate it but there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from trying on the total opposite with us at CG Boutique too!

3 - Balance Proportions: For broader shoulders, try off-shoulder or V-neck styles. If you want to create curves, go for dresses with ruffles or draping. This is just based on our expertise but it’s important to try a variety of options on to get an idea of what you feel happiest in, as that is most important to us!

4 - Feel Confident: Confidence is key! Choose a dress that makes you feel incredible and reflects your personal style. Only you can feel what the dress is doing for you inside, we can of course see how gorgeous you look on the outside! So do be open and honest in sharing your connectivity (or not!) to the dresses you try with us at CG Boutique, Amesbury.

5 - Be Open to Options: While guidelines are helpful, don't be afraid to break any rules! Sometimes, a surprising choice can be the perfect fit. We love a wild card and love to be creative to get you what you need. Our highly experienced with our brides and dresses to know that some styles could get you to perfection. The choice and decision is ultimately yours though of which we fully respect at all times.

Closing words from us - the right dress is the one that makes you feel even more beautiful than you are already today, always have that in mind and the rest will just shine around you! 💕

Our CG Boutique, Amesbury team would love to help with finding your dream wedding dress for the unique you! 🩷

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