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CG Boutique – Passionate about sustainability

At CG Boutique we are passionate about sustainability we work closely with our designers to understand their commitments to sustainability.

Did you know - there are four pillars of sustainability human, social, economic and environmental.

When choosing the right partnerships with new designers one question we always ask is …….. What is your companies views on sustainability and how do you ensure ethical trading?

We recently announced how excited we are to form a new partnerships with Pronovias not only because of the beautiful wedding gowns but because Pronovias Group are leading the way by introducing the first global sustainability initiative of the bridal industry launching 360 Eco & Eco friendly dresses #WEDOECO

Pronovias Group has taken many measures towards a more sustainable business model for years for example at a corporate level (no plastic use and Km0 water in offices, no food waste, etc.), as well as in the manufacturing process (water and energy saving efforts, GHG emissions reduction goals, etc.) - now is the right time for them to include the dresses, as one more step in the long journey ahead, with Eco & Eco friendly dresses being part of future main collections.

For our brides who want to make their wedding dress choice with consciousness you will be pleased to hear that 100% of eco components for the #WEDOECO collection means that dresses are made with eco fabrics, certified by globally renown sustainability authorities and the embroideries, beading, zippers and labels are also eco.

All packaging from the #WEDOECO collection including hangtags, hangers and garment bags are made with sustainable materials.

We can’t wait to see first-hand how marvelous these wedding gowns really are when they arrive in the Boutique. 



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