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A veil, to wear or not to wear? Is a veil one of the most important bridal accessories?

Wearing a veil is a custom that goes back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed a wedding veil protected the bride from evil spirits. Another traditional use of the veil is revealing the bride's face prior to exchanging vows.

According to a bridal survey 65% of brides do wear a veil. At CG Boutique we are seeing this trend too, with brides choosing longer, single tiered veils with small detail such as Swarovski crystal or lace trim.

As a bride, you and your wedding gown should always be the main focus and all eyes should be on you. However you choose to accessorise, a veil needs to compliment not take over. When choosing a veil, things you may want to consider is your vision, your venue, veil length, style - one tier or two tier?, the cost, it’s purpose – is it for a fashion statement, traditional use or your something borrowed from a family or friend?

Some brides use them for the ceremony and photos and then take them off for the remainder of the day. We asked one of our brides ‘why did you choose your veil? She said, “I had an image in my mind of how I wanted to look on my wedding day and a veil was a definite must have accessory. I wanted a dramatic shot in front of the castle I got married in and I wanted it to compliment everything including the dress and the venue. I kept it on the whole night too as it just worked for me and my special day”.

So whether you choose to wear it for fashion, tradition or not at all, the decision is yours. Just remember, the most important thing is not to let your accessory outshine your wedding dress.


Taryn & Adam



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