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How to get the most from your Bridal Stylist!

Your time is precious, and we want you to enjoy your experience at CG Boutique. Having a dedicated and highly trained bridal stylist allows you to focus on having a great time while your stylist picks you the dresses that suits your body shape, the vision you have for your wedding day and the materials that you love the most.

We get asked all the time when our bride to be are in dresses 'what do you think?…. would you let someone walk out with the wrong dress?’. The answer is….. absolutely not! We will always give you an honest opinion when you ask. It’s so important to know exactly how you want to feel in your wedding dress - your stylist will keep reminding you as it can be overwhelming at times with lots of different opinions and they will be there to re-focus you back to your vision.

The time you spend together in the changing room is so important, we take the time to build an open and trusting relationship and if you LOVE your dress and would like some help to influence your bridal party, just say so and your stylist and can help, as ultimately you are the one in the dress and know how you feel in it.

Remember your opinion is the most valuable - if you have found your dream dress your party will love it to.

Once you have found your dream dress remember you will have your measurements taken and then once you have paid your deposit, we can order your dream dress with the designer…..Don’t panic your dress can take up to 25 weeks to arrive. Our website has many FAQ's to help you with any questions but we really love to talk so please call us anytime on 01980 677325 - we are here for you!



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