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Wedding renewals and writing your own vows.

At CG Boutique we have been seeing more and more of our brides renewing their wedding vows and wanting to find their dream dress to celebrate this special occasion.

Last week I was talking to one of our ‘brides to be’ sisters in our chill out zone about reaffirmations and she told me she renews her vows every 5 years. She told me that they like to continue to show each other in the presence of friends and family how much they still love one another, and every ceremony is different.

It got me thinking, what kind of vows do you share at such ceremonies, I asked a number of brides who had renewed their vows and in the majority of cases they had written their own vows. I know I am the ever romantic, but this really made me smile and even gave me goosebumps.

Telling someone how you feel in such a personal way really is special, for all our followers who are thinking of writing your own vows for your wedding or renewal don’t stress there is lots of help on the internet but remember you are not writing them to please all your guests this is a special and personal moment between two people, take your time and mean every word.



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