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Groomsmaids & Bridesmaids: Their role and how they complement and support your Wedding…

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Choosing your ‘support’ team on your wedding day is a huge decision and is one that all couples should discuss and agree early on in the wedding planning process.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmaids have a big role to play in making your wedding day a success. Consider choosing a Maid of Honour who is a calming and positive influence - if problems do arise before or during the wedding day they can take control so you can focus on enjoying your special day and having fun!

If you are a Bridesmaid or Groomsmaid here is a simple guide to help you manage your responsibilities and how you can best support the newlyweds to be:

1. Understand the role you are playing in the wedding party – regular communication with the couple will help the smooth running of the day and offer help wherever needed to alleviate some of the stress that can come with planning.

2. Learn to deal with situations and tackle problems without the need to let the couple know – they should have no idea if there are any ‘hiccups’ as they want to focus on enjoying their special day.

3. Stay positive – Smile always focus on the good not the bad, things are always resolvable.

4. Assist with tasks – from dress or suit shopping, hen and stag parties, book in some pamper time pre wedding and rehearsals for the wedding vision etc.

5. Take control the morning of the Wedding - introduce yourself to main contacts i.e. florist, photographer, venue coordinator, so they have a friendly ‘go to’ person to assist them.

6. Ensure the couple are eating and drinking on the day of the wedding – it’s easy to forget in the excitement and the nerves!

7. Get everyone involved in the celebrations…from dancing, cake cutting, writing in the wedding guest book, photo booth opportunities.

Though you have duties on the day, remember to have fun yourself too as a reward for your hard work and dedication to the newlyweds! Your support and love the couple would have shone through and it is an honour to be asked to support them because you are a huge part of their life and they trust you. Embrace it and enjoy it, it will be appreciated by all!



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