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Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator: Which Do You Need?

At CG Boutique, we know Weddings can take up a lot of your precious time and depending on your ongoing commitments, the preparations can be hard to fit around work, children, household chores and it soon takes over any time you have off too. This is why we hear of a lot of our brides to be working with independent Wedding Planners and Venue Coordinators to help alleviate them of some of the day to day so as a couple they can keep focused on the excitement and driving the vision of the Wedding. As Planners & Co-ordinators have different roles, we’ve got some helpful notes so as to make sure you pick the person that’s right for your needs.

Wedding Co-ordinators

Many venues offer a Wedding Coordinator - this person is often associated with the venue’s Sales and Catering team. Their primary responsibility is to be your main point of contact with the venue. They facilitate and oversee all of the details pertaining to your wedding in regards to all information the venue would require. This person is involved, usually from when you first view the venue, right up to and including the day itself. They are familiar with room locations, layouts, and venue occupancy numbers. Along with the culinary team, they plan, organise and develop the food and beverage services at your venue.

The venue wedding coordinator is expected to maintain details on your wedding, including all of the relevant information for each particular couple such as menu choices, final guest counts, accounting and collection of the money. They also manage many of the other special details in regards to audio/visual equipment requested or furniture required, and they make sure the schedule you’re suggesting will actually work with the culinary team and event staff. More often than not, they have another colleague to support them for your wedding day to make sure everything goes to plan.

Venue wedding coordinators work very hard and do their absolute best to ensure that their clients have a great experience - remember that they work for their venue. Their primary responsibility is to manage the details that the venue needs. They may offer some advice along the way, but they are not your personal wedding planner – they will likely be working with several other couples at a time and sometimes for the same day at the venue as yours.

Wedding Planners

On the other hand, you can choose a Wedding Planner - this person is experienced in all areas of Weddings, and always works directly with the engaged couple. It is their responsibility to professionally guide the couple through the entire process. The planner gets to know the personal style of the couple, along with their vision for the wedding. The Planner works with the couple to find the best venue and vendors that will help make the couple’s wedding vision become a reality. More importantly, the Planner will also try to be respectful of the budget that the couple has set and discuss any constraints openly so there are no nasty surprises.

A Wedding Planner is involved with the overall organisation of the Wedding, often right from the beginning, and works as an advocate for the couple from start to finish. It is the Wedding Planner’s responsibility to ensure that the theme and colour palette of the wedding is reflected throughout the celebration, beginning with the style of the invitations, to the ceremony and reception flowers, the place settings at each table, the music, the food, and the Wedding dress.

Most Planners can suggest ideas to customise your Wedding and make it uniquely your own, as well as share their expertise on wedding etiquette and advise as needed. They look at the overall logistics, acting as a liaison between you and the venue, sorting out the details and helping put together a realistic itinerary for the entire day. Most importantly, your wedding planner’s first responsibility is to the two of you – they are invested in your dream Wedding. The Wedding Planner will be onsite on your wedding day, acting on your behalf to look after everything from start to finish to support you on making sure everything is as it should be so you don’t have the stress.

A Final Note

A venue Wedding Coordinator is responsible for coordinating details about your actual event at the venue itself, whereas your Wedding Planner is responsible for managing ALL of the details of your entire wedding. It is quite unrealistic to expect a venue wedding coordinator to take on the same responsibilities as a Wedding Planner – this is a common misperception amongst excited couples when looking for support so just make sure you pick the best option to suit you. One of the main reasons couples hire a Wedding Planner is for the peace of mind you will have on your Wedding day. You will be able to relax and enjoy your big day knowing that your wedding planner, who has been working alongside you each and every step of the way, is there to manage things and make sure all of the vendors are working together to create an incredible wedding celebration just for you!



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